Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s seized typically

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Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s seized typically

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ankang police possess destroyed Wholesale Newport Cigarettes for Resale XXL chicken, li mou snow for degree 1 seller's two marketing counterfeit cigarettes criminal systems, and capture of the suspects, 97 counterfeit cigarettes stockroom dens 9, Cheap Newport Cigarettes 100s seized typically the finished counterfeit cigarettes ten thousand article, seized freeze the main city of more than 2 million yuan, two transport vehicles,Carton of Newports Online splurge crime handsets, 73 pc 13, involving a value involving RMB 150 million "compared to the previous counterfeit smoking cigarettes, the crime group, the greatest characteristic is the Internet pyramid selling, they rely on fujian roller counterfeit cigarettes creation base, Use WeChat to create the Marlboro Red Cigarettes level sales network in the whole country. First-level real estate agent to submit orders to the franchisee, the franchisee through specific channels deliver delivery storage place delivery, secondary agent to gather the order summary, three-way agent is responsible for collecting purchases directly to Internet users, the structure order information exchange, get the difference Newport 100s Cigarettes between profits,
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