Rohini – is located in the N

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Rohini – is located in the N

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Rohini – is located in the North West Delhi of India. It is commonly known as the upcoming residential area. Rohini is the second biggest sub city in Asia following Dwarka sub city in South West Delhi. Its nearby areas are Pitampura Chris Paul Jersey , Shalimar Bagh, Mangol Puri, Paschim Vihar, Narela Sub city, Mukarba Chowk, Shahabad Daulatpur and Bawana.

This area has fabulous Malls, shopping complex, amusement parks and restaurants. Here, you will find several beautiful and lively temples, churches and Gurudwara. Here are the some of the prominent ones: Sri Shridi Sai Baba Mandir, Kali Mata Mandir, Vaishno Mata Mandir, Balaji Temple, Singh Sabha Gurudwara and churches in sector-3. It is also the main core of education and academics with superior colleges and excellent schools. The famous college and institutes in Rohini are Jagan Institute of Management Studies, Delhi Institute of advanced studies, Guru, Nanak Dev Polytechnic, Bhagwan Parashuram Institute of Technology and more others.

Schools in sector 24, Rohini are notable ones with international school curriculum combing it school curriculum. Their education system is improved one with modern teaching methodologies. This area is well- planned with housing schemes and it is perfect residential area with clean and green environment. Here, schools have trained and dedicated staffs and teachers who are well- experienced in teaching. Teachers and students share a mutual understanding and help children in the academic progress. In each class there are a limited numbers of students with at least two teachers to give individual attention to each student.

Teaching style is amazing with total interaction of students and teachers. Audio video aids, class representation, group work and weekly examination help students to study well other than text book knowledge. Apart from academics children learn moral behavior and good manners that are very important to have a meaning full life. Here, children learn to be polite, develop communication skills and interact with students from diverse background and generate social behavior. Giving moral education to children help them to follow the right path.

There are top and best private, International, public and day- boarding schools which provide first class school facilities and have splendid school infrastructure. Here, schools offer all essential amenities: Smart and air conditioner class rooms, resourceful library with latest books, journals and subject orientated reference books, fully furnished computer, science, mathematics and social science laboratories where children perform different types of experiments and enhance their knowledge. For children healthy mind and active body, school in Rohini include all major sports and activities in their school curriculum. Physical education helps children to improve their physical competence, mental attentiveness and inculcate the qualities of team spirit, leadership and encourage them to become a future proud sportsperson of India.

Nursery and play schools in Rohini include sparkling school activities and games to facilitate your tiny buds to bloom like a flower. Here schools have child centric school learning ensuring proper growth and development of children. These schools consist of reasoning, creative works, learning activities, individual play etc. All these are important school program for the holistic development of children and cherishing their potentiality.Schools in Rohini provides day–boarding facilities; making children comfortable and creating a better atmosphere like home. In the modern era of brilliance, schools in Rohini cater academic learning ensuring global educational standards.
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