Whaz up with these results?

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Whaz up with these results?

Сообщение spadekevin » Ср июл 11, 2018 12:04 pm


When I have units that are surrounded by my guys, they should not surrender. I'm in '39 campaign and a line of tanks in ardenes. French troops attack one of my tanks and it surrenders in the middle of two other german units. This is just not right. Please look at the surrender code. If this is WAD then I'm gonna be extremely frustrated with this game. Also, when I have a city surrounded and the unit in the city attacks one of my guys who is blocked by my own troops, I get a surrender and this also doesn't make sense.
Seriously, this is happening way too often and IMHO the game is becoming unplayable with these kinds of losses. I'm playing at FM level. I'm on second scenario of 39' campaign and have lost 4 units to surrender.
Surrender should only occur if a unit is blocked by enemy units and can't get away. If friendly units are it it's way then it should be able to pass through them, just like in real life. Units, especially germans don't surrender so easily, especially this early in the war.

Whaz up with these results?

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