The first voice of the Macy's World Cup out, the video encou

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The first voice of the Macy's World Cup out, the video encou

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Recently, Messi,nike huarache sale who has not spoken since the World Cup, has finally returned to the public's field of vision to speak for the public good.

According to "Coconuts Bangkok",air max 95 sale the Thai ambassador to Argentina, Narisroj Fuangrabil, posted a video on the Internet in which Messi said in Spanish: "Unity makes everything possible" to encourage Thai trapped players. On June 23, 12 young football players and 1 coach from Thailand lost their chances after entering the adventure of a national park cave. On July 2nd, an emergency press conference was held in Yinnarongsa, Chiang Rai, Thailand. The notice stated that 13 missing persons were found about 400 meters away from the pre-judgment site, and they were all alive. Due to the high water level in the cave and the complex terrain, the rainy season is coming, the rescue work is very difficult, and it also affects the hearts of the whole world. Up to now, a total of six players have been rescued, and the rescue work is still in progress. I hope that Messi’s encouragement can help the young players who are still trapped to get out of danger as soon as possible.
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