Liverpool going to great lengths to maintain Marbella traini

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Liverpool going to great lengths to maintain Marbella traini

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In preparation for facing Real Madrid on May 26, Liverpool sbobet24 have been utilising a very private facility in Marbella.The Reds' first workout on Wednesday displayed just how far they were going to keep their plans under wraps, with the whole of Marbella Football Center rented out for just the one team.Journalists did find a way to catch a glimpse of Jurgen Klopp's squad during their first day on Spanish soil, thanks to a perch from a local farm, known as Don Antonio's chalet.However even that far-off viewing point was closed by Liverpool on Thursday as two guards were posted at the farm's entrance.In addition, the Champions League finalists have sbobet24 raised the canvases around the training ground to ward off would-be spies.Away from their sessions, the squad have been quite open having biked to the sports centre from their Westin La Quinta Golf Resort hotel.On the pitch, Emre Can and James Milner continue to recover from their respective injuries and the English midfielder is expected to make the starting XI versus Real Madrid. sbobet24
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