The value of a league and the illusion of the Champions Leag

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The value of a league and the illusion of the Champions Leag

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Luis Suarez rushed to claim that Barcelona's season is sbo666 incredibly impressive given the fact that winning a league title carries huge merit, and we must also assume the Copa del Rey will accompany that. This double-feat would ensure a fine season for the Blaugrana, and everyone should applaud it, but one thing doesn't take away from the other.Barcelona had no obligation to win the Champions League.There have been huge planning mistakes on the part of the board, as well as Ernesto Valverde, yet the way in which the team were eliminated in Rome is too embarrassing to ignore.As well as the manner of the defeat, we must also add that the team has fallen short in the quarterfinals for three successive seasons.That's a poor return when you consider the fact Los Cules are considered one of the best teams in the world.It's good that everyone relishes their success, which in the case of Barcelona is sizeable, but closing your eyes to the negatives is very dangerous. There is nothing worse than the blind who don't want to see. Did the elimination in Rome affect the team?In the first half it did, the Blaugrana weren't their usual self, they couldn't retain possession nor could they implement their pressing game which has characterised their domestic successes this term.However, sbo666 what most denoted the impact of their Champions League elimination were some unusual errors made by Marc-Andre ter Stegen and Gerard Pique. The second half was a complete juxtaposition.Bad luck follows Ousmane DembeleThe fact that the former Athletic Club coach hardly counted on the French winger in Rome was surprising, as was the fact he didn't start against sbo666 Valencia on Saturday.When he did eventually get on the pitch, Dembele gave away a penalty.It was a foul from naivety rather than malice, and unfortunately it was his only real contribution.Ter Stegen is the Messi of the defenceThe German stopper is in spectacular form.He saved his team on numerous occasions on Saturday, especially with a shot from Rodrigo Moreno which he kept out masterfully, although, we must point out that such a move began with an error from him.
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