One of the Easiest Ways to Do Something Good for Your Health

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One of the Easiest Ways to Do Something Good for Your Health

Сообщение vathandiva » Чт май 16, 2019 9:34 am

Change from corn flakes and refined Pheno Pen cereals, to sugar-free muesli; from white or whole wheat bread, to seed bread; from white to brown rice, pasta, flour, etc. Surprisingly, sweet potatoes are lower GI than plain potatoes. Most important is to reduce portions slightly. Eat no more starch than could fit into a tennis ball, but also, don't omit carbohydrates completely for any longer than two weeks.

Ideally, diabetics should avoid sugar completely, but who's perfect? Men are less inclined to admit to cravings, while women often view chocolate as a cheaper version of Prozac. Bearing in mind that refined starches raise blood sugar levels as quickly as sugar, never be fooled by the notion that sugar only exists in cakes and sweets.

Fast, pre-packaged, processed and tinned foods, flavourings, sauces, crisps, pickles, dressings, etc. often contain liberal sugar- and refined-starch additives. Avoid them and start using spices and herbs for flavouring. Note which of your favourite foods contain sugar and reduce the size and frequency of your portions, eating more low-GI vegetables to compensate.

And if you must eat cake or sweets, train yourself to eat those that do the least harm: a small portion of ice cream, egg custard, a bran muffin, milk tart, cheesecake or a whole wheat biscuit, instead of icing-covered confections made with lots of white flour. Boiled sweets are sugar-rich whereas a small portion nut chocolate (preferably dark) is occasionally excusable. Chocolate and red wine contain protective anti-oxidants, but should be consumed sparingly.
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