China Pool heat pump suppliers

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China Pool heat pump suppliers

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Powerful and Efficient Pool Heater
The commercial swimming pool heat pumps are mainly designed for commercial purpose, especially suitable for hotels, playgrounds etc. Due to constant heating is required for a public swimming pool, energy conversation is particularly important. The commercial swimming pool heat pumps are exactly the right products for you. The high efficient heat pumps make you can save up to 80% of your energy bill. In addition, the powerful heating capacity makes the installation be easy for a project.
Benefits for You
● Heating capacity from 16kW up to 50 kW, suitable for commercial places.
● Specially designed Titanium condenser, durable, efficient and corrosion free.
● Up to 80% energy conversation, greatly lower your energy bill.
● High efficient evaporator with hydrophilic film coated fins.
● Reliable and durable, almost free of maintenance.China Pool heat pump suppliers
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Re: China Pool heat pump suppliers

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