Build a Solar Power Generator As Alternative Energy

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Build a Solar Power Generator As Alternative Energy

Сообщение goldstone » Сб май 25, 2019 9:44 am

Public transport - this topic was Backyard Revolution Review largely discussed in my previous posts' comments. Any city can keep its commuters happy only it has an efficient and affordable transport system. From my experience, I can say that an ideal scenario would be buses with high frequency like in Chennai, the quality of the buses being like those in Bangalore, and the autos with fares like in Bangalore. This is obviously an ideal scenario, but transport organizations can work towards this. The BMTC in Bangalore is doing fairly a good job with its services, and is THE largest profit making transport org in India. The much hyped metro rail can ease the load off the buses to a great extent.

But I sincerely feel it can be much more successful if intra-city train networks are built underground. So much of space is saved above the ground, that can be used for widening or for construction of flyovers. And talking of flyovers, many of the flyovers today are broad enough to barely give the space they take on ground..! So what's the point.??! We need better planning. The transport and civil organizations must work in tandem to achieve this. The constructions are outsourced to private companies, which is a good move, as pvt orgs will be result and deadline oriented.

On one side, there is Nano [Tata], which is a path-breaking innovation, on the other there are big luxury cars which many people lust after. Let me take the former first. True, the technology and its pricing are revolutionary. No one actually thought that a car can be sold at 1 lakh Rupees, and Tata has made it possible. The common man's car is almost here. Tata and the likes can make fantastic business. Everyone has a car. Everyone is happy. Great! But think of the consequences. There can be two- three Nanos in a single house. This means each person in the family can have a car at his disposal. The car per family ratio will go up from 1 to 2 or even 3..! this is not a good sign considering the current choking scenario on the roads. For people in Bangalore, do you think it is possible to go shopping/roaming peacefully, on a bike to Avenue road or SP road? [leave alone a Nano or a Maruthi 800!] so think of the time spent travelling if the vehicle inflow becomes thrice..

Instead, Tata and the likes can take contracts from individual city transport corporations, and can manufacture large capacity cars/vans that can seat atleast 5-6 people, and price it at a competitive price [say 3-4 lakhs per vehicle] That way, there is an alternate means for transport other than the usual buses, autos or even the metro. This can be a comfortable means to some extent and with higher frequency than the buses. The maintenance of these vehicles can be outsourced. And the smooth running can be made possible by having a centralized control unit for the city. A GPS system can be integrated with the mobile service providers that can intimate the passengers when the next vehicle will be coming to their stop. This last measure may increase the overall cost of this operation, but that can be looked into. Monthly/annual passes can be issued to regular commuters [derived from the bus model]
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