In the team's final match between Bangladesh

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In the team's final match between Bangladesh

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Purposes that will play sharpen Misbah and Afridi will have to bring their own bat intermission.

Purposes of the interview given to the BBC Urdu service that they are not against Misbah's batting style whatsoever.

Misbah said his play in the same style and tremendous strides in international cricket as a coach Wholesale Bayern Munich Hats , but when you look at the overall performance of the team seems to slow the strike rate for the accelerating The captain must first set the example for the team captain his performance and let others follow.

Afridi said the batting purposes Break must be created. Misbah-ul-Haq and Shahid Afridi the batsman and he has extensive experience in every way you can adjust according to the situation.

The coach said the team has come out of the batter to cover the positive and aggressive play cricket for the Pakistani cricket has known.

The example of the second Test against Sri Lanka in Colombo said that the Pakistani batsmen lost wickets in the match and also lost the match but showed his bat was positive.

Pakistan cricket team against Australia's next Test series in the United Arab Emirates, in which Sri Lanka is playing three ODIs and two Tests.

<"http:cricsports.infocpakistan-vs-australia-2014">PAKISTAN VS AUSTRALIA 2014

Bsma renowned 2 Sana Mir and Asmavia Iqbal and one wicket

Pakistan women's cricket team of South Korean citizens ancyn Asian Games in China in the semi-finals by defeating nine T tutuynty reached the final.

In the team's final match between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka will be the final winner.

China batted first ten wickets in 19 overs, 37 runs scored.

Zhang from China on March 41 balls with 14 runs were prominent batter batter fewer than all the rest were scored.

Nida Dar Pakistani bowlers performed well while four wickets for seven runs. He has three auuz which is a Maiden.

Bsma renowned 2 Sana Mir and Asmavia Iqbal and one wicket.

While performing the Pakistan Juwairiya Khan scored 21 and 13 and the two leading bsma remain unbeaten. Out of Pakistan Wholesale Borussia Dortmund Hats , which was the only player Marina

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