That effect and effect connected with shading

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That effect and effect connected with shading

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Since the glass curtain wall consists of glass and sheet metal structure, the glass floor has strong heat alternate and high heat transmittance, so that it has a great have an impact on on indoor thermal conditions. In the summer, sunlight shines through the glass to the room, which is the primary cause of overheating inside room. Especially in hot areas inside south, if the body is exposed to one on one sunlight, it will feel hot and uncomfortable. The shading system within the glass curtain wall can minimize the direct sunshine and avoid overheating while in the room. It is on the list of main measures for making heat protection in scorching areas. After setting the actual sunshade, it will have the following effects and effects: insulated glass factory

The effect of treatment on solar radiation

The thermal insulation performance from the external protection structure is afflicted with many factors, and probably the most influential indicator is the actual shading coefficient. In normal, the shading coefficient is controlled from the properties of the material itself and the environment. The shading coefficient is the ratio of the solar radiation heat from the enclosure with shading as well as the enclosure without shading. That smaller the shading coefficient, the smaller the solar radiation heat in the outer protective structure, and the better the heat safeguards effect. It can be seen that the effect of the sunshade in shielding the solar radiant heat is very large, and the shading measures of the glass curtain wall building tend to be effective.

Shading on house temperature

Shading has an important effect on preventing in house temperature rise. Test observations in your hot summer area show that when it comes to closed windows, there is actually no shading, and the actual difference in room heat is large. Moreover, when there exists a sunshade, the room heat amplitude is small, the room temperature has a highest possible time delay, and the actual indoor temperature field is definitely uniform. Therefore, the sunshade can minimize the cooling load around the air-conditioned room, so intended for air-conditioned buildings, the sunshade is probably the main measures to preserve energy.
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