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ng about residence

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" Paris is one of the must see tourist site in the world and a dream holiday destination for most people. With all the marvelous architectural structures in this city which dates back from the Renaissance period and the rich culture it possess, even Paris hotels look like a work of art, it truly is an exciting place to visit.

Below are the top 6 must see places in the City of Lights:

1. Eiffel Tower

Of course, a trip to Paris will not be complete without a visit to Paris锟?most-recognised icon- the Eiffel Tower. The tower was built for the World Exposition of 1889 but is however considered as a relatively newcomer to the country锟絪 history which can be traced back to over a millennia.

Located on the Champ de Mars Cheap Jonathan Quick Hat , the tower is fascinating scenery especially when it bursts into a shower of dazzling light every hour of every evening.

2. Sacre Coeur and Montmartre

Located in the highest point of Paris on the Montmartre knoll, the clearly identifiable white dome of Sacre Coeur is a basilica sanctified in 1909. It is well known for its brash gold mosaic interiors and for its spectacular terrace wherein you can have a sweeping view of Paris on a clear day.

Montmartre on the other hand is a neighbourhood located at the summit of Paris and is one of the city锟絪 most poetry-drenched spots. The hidden gardens, vineyards, narrow Cheap Dustin Brown Hat , steep cobblestone-paved streets and cemeteries show was a hub for artists like Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali amongst other writers and artists who serve this place as their inspiration.

3. Notre Dame Cathedral

Considered as the most famous and stunning gothic cathedral in the world, Notre Dame Cathedral was the centre of medieval Paris. After a period of neglect, it was recaptured and made famous again by 19th century writer Victor Hugo when he immortalised it in 锟絋he Hunchback of Notre Dame锟?

4. Boat Tour of the Seine River

To help you familiarise yourself on Paris锟?different scenery Cheap Anze Kopitar Hat , a boat tour of the Seine River is an ideal and romantic way to do it where you锟絣l pass by some of the historical buildings and stunning architectural structure like the ones mentioned above.

The best time to have a boat tour is between May and mid September when skies tend to be clearer and temperature is normally warm. Some companies even offer an evening tour for a more romantic tour complete with narration and wine and dine.

5. The Louvre

In order to cover the entire museum to enjoy the diverse, vast collections of artworks in different forms a lifetime might needed. Spanning 35, 000 pieces of artwork and eight thematic departments dating from ancient times up to the modern period, the Louvre锟絪 lasting collection includes masterpieces by European masters like Delacroix Cheap Drew Doughty Hat , Vermeer, and Da Vinci.

Regular transitory exhibits to highlight a particular artist are also held and are very much interesting and entertaining. This is truly a must see place for art lovers alike as it is a continuing symbol of France art excellence.

6. P锟絩e Lachaise Cemetery

Far from being creepy, visiting the Pere Lachaise Cemetery is an interesting tour as countless famous figures are buried here. Hidden in the Northeastern corner of Paris, the cemetery is kindly called 锟絫he city of dead.锟?

The thousands of trees Cheap Jeff Carter Hoodie , rolling hills, winding paths with carefully plotted "street" names, and intricate mausoleums and tombs makes it easy to see why Pere-Lachaise is considered Paris' most compellingly beautiful place of rest. Moreover, numerous great figures have their resting place here which includes Proust Cheap Tyler Toffoli Hoodie , Colette, Jim Morrison, and Chopin among others.

Indeed, Paris is one of the most interesting places to visit Cheap Tanner Pearson Hoodie , as the sceneries are countless. Make sure to books yourself a nice Paris hotel to fully enjoy the grandeur that is Paris.

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