Warship FPC Made in China

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Warship FPC Made in China

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C-flex group, founded in 1996, is a production base of dongguan frontier circuit technology co., LTD and huangshi xipu electronic technology co., LTD.
The company is always technology-oriented and provides cutting-edge services and high-end Multilayer PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid Flex, Anylayer and Backboard products for the world. In 2012, the company has possessed the capacity of 2-100l Rigid Flex, 2-20l MLFPC, 12L Anylayer FPC in engineering production technology.
The company always provides services for the development of the global electronic industry with its leading products and technologies. Its products cover a variety of fields, including high-speed railway, medical care, aerospace, communications, industrial control, etc, providing the source and impetus for the development of the global electronic industry.
The company has 80 engineers and technicians with rich industry experience and expertise, and provides customers with professional and timely engineering technical consulting and engineering data processing services;Core values: unity, pragmatism, innovation and win-win, guided by cutting-edge technologies;
Objective direction: oriented by cutting-edge technology, providing customers with the best products and services;C-flex people have been working hard to adhere to core values, be oriented by cutting-edge technologies, contribute to the advance and development of the global electronics industry.
◆Technology Ability
Thickness(mm)0.025(DL FPC)-68
Via Hole(mm)0.1(machine)、0.075(laser)0.05
BGA Pitch(mm)0.30.3
Hole copper(um)10-2530
Surface copper(um)12-3512-55
Impendence Tolorance±10%±8%
Blind hole AR0.8:1(laser)1:1
Surface FinishedENIG、ENEPIG、OSP
MaterialFR-4、PI、LCP、High Frequence、Low Dk/Df、Ceramic、Mix(Fr-4\PTFE\Ceramic\Metal-base)
◆Quality Control
A. Detection System Machine
B. Production Equipment
Product Show
50L Rigid Flex 10LFPC+40LPCB) Thickness:8mm AR:20:1 Impedence Tolerence:±10%
14L 2+N+2 HDI+ Rigid flex(4LFPC+10LPCB) Thickness:1.6mm Trace/Space:3/3mil AR:8:1
100L Rigid flex (16LFPC+84LPCB) Thickness:8mm AR:16:1
◆Product Design
Multi-layer soft board, soft and hard board, high frequency, high speed, digital-analog hybrid, communication system SI, EMC simulation design, etc.
Layer50 Floor
Pin Quantity6W
Link bit4W
Via Hole0.1mm
◆Production Market
Performance Introduction
The company's products have provided products and services to more than 20 countries in the United States, Germany, France and other European and American and Asian region. 2018 completed sales of 350 million. In 2018, the sales target of Huangshi Plant was 450 million.
Professional engineering technology and product consultation service
4 hours quotation service
Urgent delivery service
Focus on developing sample board and batch productionWarship FPC Made in China
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