Interior Moisture Absorber manufacturers

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Interior Moisture Absorber manufacturers

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Disposable Interior Moisture Absorber Details:
Type: dehumidifierIngredient: calcium chloride
Function: moisture absorptionPacking: plastic box, shrink film
Hygroscopic capacity: 300ml/400ml / 500ml/600mlFeature: eco-friendly, stocked
Product Features:
Available model: 300ml/100g,400ml / 190g, 500ml/236g, 600ml/280g
Size: 15.1*8.6*6.4 cm, 15.1*8*8.5, cm, 15.1*8.10.6, cm, 15.1*8*13.5cm
Fast and easy set up in a single-use product
Sealed safety cover keeps children and pets safe
Suitable for: basement, bathroom, bedroom, ship, garage/storage unit, laundry room
Moisture absorbents are very useful in the home, because they inhibit the growth of mold and mold. Molds usually grow in damp places such as basements, kitchens and bathrooms. To solve the mold problem, the moisture absorbent placed in the package or bucket can help remove moisture from the room or enclosed space.
1. Control moisture content
The moisture absorber is the perfect solution to prevent excess moisture in the home. Then the indoor air is pleasant and will help you get healthy air at home.
2. Helps prevent mold and mold growth
Mold is the most common effects of high moisture in the home. By placing a hygroscopic agent in the room, it helps reduce moisture in the air and helps prevent mold growth. The advantage is that you can prevent the ceiling from getting dark and the paint and wallpaper falling off by balancing the indoor humidity.
4. Help protect personal belongings
Another benefit of dehumidifiers is that they help protect your items from moisture. Personal items, such as clothes, books, and certain foods, can stay in better condition for longer periods of time without mold or mildew.
Using steps:
1) Remove the cover and peel off the sealed aluminum foil.
2) Close the lid and place the box directly on a flat surface.
3) When the calcium chloride inside is completely turned into water (1-3 months, depending on the environment), pour the water into the sink and throw the box into the trash.
1. Remove moisture from wet places such as wardrobes, drawers, shoe cabinets, bookcases, storage compartments, and musical instruments;
2. Remove moisture from high-grade wooden furniture, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment, electronic products, etc.Interior Moisture Absorber manufacturers
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