The legacy of the greatest sprinter in history

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The legacy of the greatest sprinter in history

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On August 21, 1986, lightning struck earth. On that day, 31 years back, a boy who would become the fastest man in the planet, was born somewhere at Sherwood Content in Jamaica.
Usain Bolt, in his years as a sprinter, smashed records and set new ones - some of which may well remain untouched.
The Lightning Bolt as he is called is perhaps one of the most celebrated athletes in Carl Hagelin Youth Jersey the world of sports and why shouldn't he be?
Bolt is the first runner to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since fully automatic time became mandatory and he also holds the world record as a part of the 4x100 metres relay for Jamaica.
He is 12th in the list of most gold earned in Olympics with 8, tied with Ray Ewry of the United States. The only two athletes other ahead of him with nine gold medals are Paavo Nurmi of Finland an Carl Lewis of the United States.
He won gold in all the three events at the Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016 Summer Games as well. (Usain Bolt reveals injury details and rounds on doubters)
He won 11 gold medals from four World Championship events.In 2009, Bolt won gold in all the Ben Hutton Youth Jersey three events he took part in (100m, 200m and 4x100m relay), Two years later at Daegu, he won gold in 200 metres and 4x100 metres relay. In Moscow 2013 and Beijing 2015, Bolt again swept all the three events, winning gold in all three events.
Bolt created a world record in 100 metres sprint when he clocked 9.69 seconds in the Beijing Games in 2008 only to break it a year later with 9.58 seconds in 2009 at the World Championships. It is the biggest improvement since the start of electronic timing.
He has twice broken the 200 metres world record, setting 19.30 in 2008 at the Summer Games and again beat his own record the next year at the Championships by completing the race in 19.19 seconds.
He has also helped Jamaica to three 4x100 metres relay world records, with the current record being 36.84 seconds set at the London Games in 2012.
His life as an athlete has been nothing short of a fairytale and he was expected to go out on a high at the World Championships in London this month.
But sports stories can't be scripted and Bolt's wasn't either. After the steep rise came the dramatic fall.
He finished third behind Justin Gaitlin and Изображение Christian Coleman in the men's 200 metres sprint earlier this month and earned a bronze in his last-ever solo race. But, that was not it. Fate had something even worse planned for the Jamaican. He pulled a hamstring and fell down the ground failing to complete the relay race -- his last ever professional one -- Jamaica finished last. However, an athlete of his calibre won't stay down long and he refused to get in a wheelchair and crossed the finish line with the assistance of his teammates to end a glittering career on a tragic note.
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