An Asbestos and Mesothelioma Statistic

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An Asbestos and Mesothelioma Statistic

Сообщение coolerfreezer111 » Сб май 18, 2019 6:33 pm

She turns back to him, 'If I were given a moment for every time I have put myself out there for you whenever you were in need, I would get two consecutive lifetimes to make up for myself, you ungrateful,... ungrateful,... you...!!'

He senses he's going to have to diffuse the situation quickly or else the volcano will erupt! He gathers his strength, achingly leans forward and thereafter mumbles, 'Darling... I had no idea.' He stretches out his hand, 'Come on honey... I'm sorry!' His voice drenched in pain. She returns to her seat, wiping her cheeks, he lies back on his pillow & slowly exhales for a couple of seconds. 'Sheesh! If I keep this up, I'll take myself out!'

They hold hands again.

A few days go by & the couple is still together in the hospital room. The swelling on his head from the fall has reduced & his fever is gone. His chest doesn't feel too great but he's sure it'll be fine. They just finished having lunch & are discussing how much time he'll take off before returning to work. The door opens, it's the doctor. They greet each other. His wife is not able to hide the smile on her face. She's made her mind up today that they'll be leaving, so she's only expecting good news from the results. The doctor converses with the miner & checks how he's feeling, while in the meantime another doctor walks in. A tall man, holding a large folder. The wife can't make out what's inside it but can recognize an X-ray sheet, peeking out. Instantly, without even trying to doubt herself, she concludes that it's turned out to be more serious than she first thought. Her mood free falls quicker than the '08 market crash. She struggles to keep a hold of her emotions again, sucking her lips in.
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