‘Calling’ my friends in the 1960s never involved a phone

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‘Calling’ my friends in the 1960s never involved a phone

Сообщение linxiaoxue » Вт апр 17, 2018 6:02 am

Fifty years ago Downriver, the only phones we knew had rotary Tim Schaller Authentic Jersey dials and were hanging on the kitchen wall, not tucked in our back pocket.
We memorized our phone numbers, in case of emergency (AV-22180), but were never allowed to actually use the phone. When we “called” our friends out to play, we Robert Parish Youth Jersey stood at their front door and sort of sang out their name – loudly.

“Daa-neeee!” Two syllables worked best. To this day, I’m still Danny to the guys I grew up with Downriver.

“Neh-ven!” http://www.snutm.com/matt-beleskey-jersey-c-1_33.html was natural for Neven, but with guys like Joe, Fred and Mark, we had to improvise a second syllable. “Joo-oh!” and “Mar-ark!” worked, but it was never “Freh-dee!”, only “Freh-ed!” was acceptable.

Once everyone was assembled, usually in somebody’s garage, we would get about the business of being boys in the early 1960s until dark. We didn’t Shaq Mason Jersey Womens “chill,” we hung out. And we talked to each other – face-to-face. What did we talk about? http://www.oilersnhlproshop.com/esa-tikkanen-jersey-c-1_8.html Stuff. Stuff included the comic books we traded (that we bought at Rexall Drugs for 12 cents), the Hardy Boys books we were reading and sports.

“It’s only been Shayne Gostisbehere Authentic Jersey seven years since the Lions were the champs,” I used to argue to the guys, echoing my dad. “Give ‘em time; they’ll be the champs again soon!”

Since I made that argument, I’ve grown up, raised three kids, grown old and http://www.authenticgiantsstore.com/geno-smith-jersey-c-1_4.html have three grandkids. But, that’s a whole different column.

We also talked about what, and who, we wanted to be when we grew up. Sports stars, of course, were in the discussion – Alex Karras, Al Kaline, Norm http://www.rypenow.com/john-hannah-jersey-c-2_19.html Cash, Gordie Howe.

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