Author Murray Howe set to share 'Nine Lessons' he learned fr

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Author Murray Howe set to share 'Nine Lessons' he learned fr

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When hockey fans remember Gordie Howe, they think about things like a sharp elbow into the stomach of an opponent John Miller Womens Jersey or a snap shot past a helpless goaltender.
They think about how Mr. Hockey would take a number after a cheap shot and go back later to settle the score.

But they remember his off-the-ice persona, too.

The Detroit Red Wings legend and Hockey Hall of Fame member was the epitome of what is good in people. And that is what his youngest son, Murray Howe, wanted to capture in his 2017 book “Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father,” which he will discuss at 2 p.m. Saturday, April 14, at Waltonwood Cherry Hill, a senior living community, 42600 Cherry Hill Road, in Canton.

“He was really a paradox, because the man that was on the ice seemed so Darrius Heyward-Bey Womens Jersey ferocious,” Howe, 57, said during a recent telephone interview. “And yet he was so gentle and kind off the ice. But Matt Hunwick Authentic Jersey really, when you look at his hockey career, it was about being the best version of a hockey player that he could be.”

Being “the best version” of a person also is a major theme of Howe’s book, which was released last October and shot to No. 3 on the Toronto Globe and Mail best sellers list. It is $25 and available online and in bookstores.

“They’re all equally important in my mind,” Howe said about the nine lessons detailed in the book, such as love, patience, toughness, selflessness and generosity. “And I think you can summarize them all by, if you drill down, it’s really about embracing your talents and just taking ownership of those talents.

“Not worrying about what anybody has, or who they are, but only focusing on who you are and making yourself the best version you can, using those talents, and sharing those with the world. By doing that, any of us really Hugh Thornton Jersey Womens can make a huge impact.”<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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