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Why cleaning your lenses is important Health Articles | June 24 Luis Suarez Barcelona Jersey , 2013
Regular cleaning of your lenses is important to keep your lenses clean and comfortable to wear as well as prevent eye infections.

Contacts are not a normal thing to have in the eyes. They are parts of plastic that you place into a part of the body, undoubtedly you prefer them to be thoroughly clean. With lens solutions one can accomplish several things. First of all, one can cleanse the contacts so as to make them clear and comfy to put in. More than 90% of all microorganisms that thrive on contact lenses can be eliminated like this. Subsequently, contact lens solutions sanitize both contacts as well as lens cases. When not in the eyes contact lenses are readily contaminated by bacteria from the environment Lucas Digne Barcelona Jersey , regular water and the hands. Disinfectants eliminate microorganisms on the contacts in order to protect against getting an eye contamination. Lastly, contact lens solutions offer buffering and wetting of contacts making it extra comfy when placed into the eye. Most contacts these days need to be maintained moist in order to keep their specific form. Particular contact lens solutions are readily available for all specific producers of contact lenses, like ciba vision, Bausch & Lomb Lionel Messi Barcelona Jersey , Coopervision and many others.

Are protein removing tablets essential?

Not necessarily. Contamination of the contact lens occurs to some extent from contact with the surroundings, for instance dirt, and partially from the eyes. Particularly tears consist of many compounds that can adhere to the contact lens which need to be cleaned in order to keep them clear, safe and comfy to wear. The top 4 major elements from tears which get trapped onto the contact lens are proteins Jordi Masip Barcelona Jersey , fats, calcium and mucus. By using a rub-and-rinse method on an everyday base one can remove most of these compounds. Off all elements protein is the most challenging to get rid of which suggests that after a time period it may be the situation that a film of protein was established on the contacts. Protein eliminating tablets are developed specifically for this purpose. To do away with this hard to get rid off protein film. The quantity of protein created by the eye is different per individual and some persons may need to use protein-removing tablets more frequently. It is also so that some contact lens types build up more proteins than other types. Irrespective, cleansing with only protein-removing liquid is not sufficient as contacts build up other substances as well, i.e. cleansing lenses day-to-day is a must.

Which is the optimal solution?

Always comply with the advice given by a specialist. It is their evaluation how frequently you switch lenses Jordi Alba Barcelona Jersey , the materials the lenses are created out off, whether or not you are susceptible to developing allergic reactions to contact lens solutions as well as a number of other factors deciding which solution you need. It is not advisable to switch solutions without having consulted a specialist as you may end up harming the contacts, resulting in them to become uncomfortable. Possibly you may end up acquiring an eye infection.

Why are contact lens solutions so expensive?

The first hard contact lenses could be cleansed with antiseptic liquid. Modern day contact lenses, regular ones as well as coloured contacts Jeremy Mathieu Barcelona Jersey , are made of materials developed to be both comfy and healthy to use. The disadvantage of this is that these contacts need fluids specifically developed to ensure this. Making contact lens solutions happens under the same circumstances as any type of drug which is a costly matter. All contact lens fluids need a license or CE marking in order to sell them. A lot of tests are needed before the ideal solution is produced, once more a costly and difficult procedure. The protection of eyes is crucial, putting a piece of plastic in them is not a natural thing to do, so it is required to ensure that contacts are clean and secure.

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Selecting the right bathroom mirror

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