es not trigger you high or perhaps

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es not trigger you high or perhaps

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by Xinhua writers Xu Liyu Ryan Tannehill Youth Jersey , Liu Xiuling

BEIJING, May 24 (Xinhua) -- For Japanese ballerina YokoMorishita, performing "The White-Haired Girl" went way beyond anintriguing mix of Western art and a Chinese story.

In Morishita's words, playing the lead role in the ballet is hervery own way of expressing repentance over Japan's war past and hergratitude for the amicability of the Chinese toward her and theJapanese people at large.

The 69-year-old internationally acclaimed ballet dancer and herhusband, Tetsutaro Shimizu, co-director and choreographer ofJapan's Matsuyama Ballet Troupe, have taken their signature work toBeijing and Shanghai on their China tour this month.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the normalization ofrelations between China and Japan.

The ballet company, founded by Shimizu's parents, Masao Shimizuand Mikiko Matsuyama, started adapting the Chinese story after theywatched a film of the same name, a gift for Japan from then ChinesePremier Zhou Enlai more than six decades ago.

The film, set in the early 1940s, tells the story of a peasantgirl named Xi'er, who fled to live in hiding in a mountain aftershe was forced to work day and night as a slave in a landlord'shome following her indebted father's death.

Masao Shimizu, an architect by training, described himself as "aJapanese who loves China and Chinese culture the most."

Indeed, the couple, their son and daughter-in-law have left anindelible mark on the friendship between the Chinese and Japaneseand over time built a special bond between the two peoples.

Mikiko Matsuyama was invited to China and attend the NationalDay parade and celebrations in 1955, when Zhou Enlai asked her toperform "The White-Haired Girl" in China on her next tour.

The couple brought the dance to China for the first time in1958. The ballet troupe in following tours traveled to Beijing,Shanghai, Chongqing and Wuhan, attracting large audiences everytime. Chinese leaders were among the audiences and met with membersof the ballet company.

Last year, Yoko Morishita took her fellow dancers to Yan'an, the"Red Cradle" of the Chinese revolution in northwest China in avisit she hoped would help them better understand China.

For the dancers and choreographers, young and old, atonement iswhat it is all about.

"When on earth do we Japanese speak out our gratitude andrepentance?" All ballerinas said in chorus at the end of the balletshow at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Friday.

Their message was well received, drawing applause among Chineseviewers.

Speaking to reporters, Morishita said everything she did was forthe good of Chinese-Japanese friendship. "It's gratitude andrepentance," she said.

Her husband agreed. "Touching the hearts of Chinese spectatorswith the ballet 'The White-Haired Girl' -- it is our way ofatonement," he said.

This time, Morishita and her husband were joined in Beijing byTian Hua, the Chinese actress who starred in the film "TheWhite-Haired Girl."

"Anyone who has no respect for history is not living asignificant life. The Matsuyama Ballet Troupe respects history,"Tian said.

The two hugged upon meeting, flanked by a group of youngJapanese ballet dancers who had trained and performed withMorishita.

Performing in China, Morishita said, brings "unparalleledhappiness" to her. Enditem

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